Cooperation offer
MP LUKAS offers the opportunity to cooperate on three different levels of involvement:

I.Case Cooperation
Cooperation, which is limited to a single case to be investigated and followed on. It will not require full time work and will create no responsibility nor obligations for cooperating parties after the contract completion.
MP LUKAS recommends to take this opportunity as the cooperation trial and to expand it after expiration of the contract.
II.Subject Area Cooperation
Cooperation on the agreed area of interest of the cooperating organization (customer). Full time and scale cooperation on the agreed subject that will be exclusively allocated to partnering company for the time of contract length and ”cool down” period. This is a routine mode of MP LUKAS’ cooperation with its partners. Contract can only be signed if the specific subject area has not been booked earlier. We apply “First come - first served” rule.
III.Full Scale And Time Cooperation
Shall any company be interested to outsource MP LUKAS’ services for full time and scope cooperation then it will be the subject for separated negotiation and agreement. During such contract validity MP LUKAS will withdraw itself from the market and guarantee exclusive services and representation of contractor interest in all aspects of agreed cooperation. MP Lukas will guarantee “cool down” time and shall not cooperate with any company on any subject that was agreed in terms of contract and covered during the cooperation period. No contract length will be defined. Cooperating parties will have right to terminate the contract upon six months notification time.
Payment conditions
MP LUKAS calculates its compensation for services provided counting working days spent on the contracted project. Compensation consist of three main parts:
1.Company costs including:
-own labor on the project: case study, preparation of followings: reports, updates, marketing information, presentations. Conduct of informal meetings and other coordination activities. Outsourcing of necessary expertise, etc.
-office expenses: administration, communications, access to information databases, legal advisory and accounting.
2.Reimbursements for necessary, and agreed in advance, expenses:
travel cost,meeting arrangements and conference facilities rental, publications, printings, PR campaigns and advertisement,independent or official experts opinions,formal translations, others.
3.Sell commission. If the cooperating company succeeds in obtaining a contract for the sale of its product as a direct result of the MP LUKAS’ services, the company shall pay the MP LUKAS a commission computed on the sell value for the product to which MP LUKAS has contributed.

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